Is an Apprenticeship for you?

An Apprenticeship allows apprentices to study and gain a qualification at the same time as working, helping you to earn while you learn.

Apprenticeship schemes are available in many different sectors and industries, so there should be something out there to suit you. Anybody who is not in full time education and living in England can become an apprentice from the age of 16.

Apprenticeships will take between one and four years to complete depending on the level of the qualification, ability of the apprentice and the industry involved. The minimum salary is £3.30 per hour (minimum 30 hours per week); however, many apprentices earn significantly more. Being able to earn while you learn new job skills is favourable to anybody looking to gain knowledge of a job role or industry, and with the added bonus of recognised training, qualifications and paid holidays make an Apprenticeship a great choice for people of all ages.

The advantages of becoming an apprentice:

  • You earn as you learn. The salary depends on your employer and the skill area in which you are training, but with paid holiday it has more financial benefits than standard college courses.
  • You will gain more experience through attending college, your training provider and your employer with hands on experience.
  • You gain real recognised qualifications – NVQs, Functional Skills and a Technical Certificate (in most apprenticeships).
  • You add new experience to an organisation, and are the future of the industry and they will be keen to support you.
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