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Success for Rachel with training provider

Before joining the Apprenticeship programme at Gordon Franks Training, Rachel was a volunteer with the British Heart Foundation. Her ambition was to gain a formal qualification. Having been bullied at school and being home-tutored by her mother, Rachel was keen to gain new confidence. However, a month into her course, it was identified that Rachel had not reached her official school leaving date. Gordon Franks Training regrettably had to cease her inclusion on the programme.

This was a huge set back for Rachel, but she still continued to receive visits from her Life Coach, boosting her morale and helping her to keep focused. During this time, Rachel conscientiously collected valuable evidence to support her portfolio towards her qualification when she rejoined Gordon Franks Training.

Rachel has been supported by a Life Coach and Assessor throughout her qualification, focusing on confidence building and her communication skills.

Prior to her attendance at Gordon Franks Training, Rachel was quiet and withdrawn, finding difficulty in interacting with people her own age. A two week induction programme at the training provider helped her overcome some of her barriers.

She is now applying for employed vacancies within business administration, and has taken a number of Clait courses in her spare time.

Rachel achieved her Foundation Apprenticeship six months earlier than expected and is now employed as Assistant Manager at a high profile high street store. She is currently working on her Advanced Apprenticeship with Gordon Franks Training.

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