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BCTG (The Apprenticeship Works)

“We would like to say how appreciative we are of the way The Apprentice Works who worked to find suitable candidates when we were looking for an apprentice for our organisation. The work we do here at Nutcracker Design & SEO Nuts is fairly specialised , web design, technical support and SEO for our customer base. We needed a candidate who was fairly technically savvy, able to communicate with our customers and was also presentable. The Apprenticeship Works saved us so much time by putting in all the hard work of collating CV’s and carrying out initial interview’s meaning we were able to look at a manageable number of applicants and happily selected Lawrence as he ticked all the boxes for the person we were looking for. Lawrence is coming to the end of his apprenticeship and we are pleased to announce he will become a fully-fledged member of staff at the end of this month. Great work The Apprentice Works”

The Apprenticeship Works offers a unique alternative to help address staffing & recruitment needs.


Our team of Brokers work closely with you to identify your staffing needs. Once we know the type of person you are looking for and the skills they will need, we match this to our pool of pre-screened young people.

We will always give you a choice of applicants, so you can be sure you’re getting the right person for the job.

If we can’t find a suitable candidate, we will advertise your vacancy free of charge.


You interview from the shortlist, you select and you always have final say.


After around four weeks, once the Apprentice has settled in and you are happy with their performance, we will introduce a local training organisation or college who will provide skills training to the Apprentice.

We want to ensure that this training reflects what you need, so our brokers will keep in weekly contact to ensure you are happy with the Apprentice and the service we provide