Employer Grants

Employer Incentive (AGE 16 to 24)

Apprenticeship Grant for Employers of 16 to 24 year olds (AGE 16 to 24)

 AGE 16 to 24 has already helped thousands of employers to grow their business by employing an apprentice. The grant has been extended to 31 December 2013 so it can support even more. Could it help you too?

NAS are pleased to announce that based on its success so far AGE 16 to 24 has been extended to until 31 December 2013 so it can support even more employers…

AGE 16 to 24 is aimed at supporting businesses to grow by employing young people through the Apprenticeship programme. AGE provides grants to employers to support them to do this.

The National Apprenticeship Service will provide Apprenticeship grants to employers with up to 1000 employees recruiting 16 to 24 year olds with a value of £1,500, to encourage employers to develop their business and take on new apprentices.

The £1,500 is in addition to the training costs of the Apprenticeship framework which are met in full for young people aged 16 to 18 and 50% for those aged 19 to 24.

Eligible employers are those who have never employed an apprentice before or who have not recruited one in the last 12 months.

Subject to budget availability and the employer’s commitment to support the apprentice to the end of their programme, up to ten grants can be made to any one employer.
Very large employers (more than 1000 employees) are not eligible for support through this initiative. But we do want to encourage take up within their supply chains.

“AGE 16 to 24 has made the worthwhile decision to hire an apprentice even more cost effective. The grant helped meet the costs of taking on a new member of staff, and in effect the grant is being re-invested into the business, to help it grow.”

(Dr Tehir Nadeem, Owner of Solihull Dental Practice)

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