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The FE Guild

As you may be aware the Government is proposing the setting up of a FE Guild to oversee standards within the sector.

The development of the Guild has already meant the end of LSIS, the service many of you will have used to support both your organisation and staff development needs.

It envisages the key functions and features of the Guild are likely to include:

  • acting as an overarching body with end to end responsibility for professionalism and vocational education across the sector, including to:
    – own professional standards and codes of behaviour for members;
    – develop appropriate qualifications for people working in the sector through which people can progress;
    – support individual, subject specific and corporate CPD;
    – working at a strategic level to help bring in expertise across the sector; and support employer recognition of professionalism;
  • offering institutional and individual membership, both of which would be on a voluntary basis:
    – corporate membership of the Guild, entailing commitment to standards of workforce professional development and qualifications.
    – for the individual there would a strong emphasis on support development and progression through high impact CPD fully recognised and linked to additional higher level qualifications at level 5 and 7;
  • seeking to enhance the reputation and status of the sector as a whole through providing a single, collective focus for raising standards of professionalism and being a custodian of excellence. Again, this would be closely linked to individual colleges and providers being able to obtain “Chartered” status as a public stamp of recognition;
  • an employer-led partnership drawing in employee representative organisations and sector bodies concerned with workforce development.  Development proposals will need to consider the form of organisation needed for a future Guild and how this would be best constituted in FE, given the current landscape.

At the moment AOC and AELP are involved in managing a consultation process that seeks partner views on this. As part of this the West Midlands Provider Network is looking at create a strong regional response and has therefore decided to survey its members. Below is link to a survey for you to complete + the link to the new FE Guild Site for further information.

I hope you can find the time to support this survey as the WM provider network really want to influence the development of this body in order that it really is truly “of the sector, by the sector and for the sector”