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Practising what they preach – Performance Through People take on two new apprentices

Performance Through People, a leading training provider in Birmingham and the Midlands don’t just provide apprentices to other businesses in region, they practice what they preach and use apprentices throughout their organisation. Recently another two apprentices, Laura Cross and Michael Tapper, have joined the Business Support Team at Performance Through People.

Chris Stearn, Business Support Manager at Performance Through People explains why she sees Apprentices as such an important part of the business.

“Within the Business Support Team we take on 2 new apprentices each year, and it really is the most effective recruitment method I have come across in my career, both in terms of cost and staff retention. The Apprentices are eager to learn, flexible and highly motivated. The structure of the Apprenticeship programme gives them the practical skills and qualifications they need, and with this framework in place they quickly contribute to the success of the business.”

Performance Through People use apprentices throughout the business, with a vast majority of staff having gone through an apprenticeship, and Chris believes that this ethos provides Performance Through People with a real competitive advantage.

“Our staff are extremely loyal which saves us money and time in future recruitment costs, we ensure that all staff are given the opportunity to progress within the organisation and this means that members of the team are continually pushing themselves to improve – combine this with a strong work ethic and we have staff who are highly motivated, loyal, highly skilled and seeking to improve and develop. This in turn provides our customers with outstanding and improving service.”

In turn, the employees themselves find the process rewarding and truly enjoy their work. They also get the opportunity to promote the apprenticeship programme by attending some of the career events and one of the apprentices, Laura Cross, is currently the face of PTP and her picture can be found on the side of the PTP van.

Gemma Owen, a Business Support team apprentice qualified as a training officer for Business Administration at PTP. Having gone through an apprenticeship her passion for developing the next generation of apprentices was what drove her to perform in her job.

“I found the experience of being an apprentice extremely rewarding. I was being paid to learn on the job, and I really felt I was making a difference to the organisation. I became a training officer in Business Administration, which means I was actively out helping others achieve their apprenticeship. As a former apprentice, I understand just how important my role is in a young person’s success and that makes me more determined to make a difference.”

Chris Stearn also notes that many of the apprentices push their training further, so as to really improve their skills, benefiting both themselves and the company.

“The majority of our apprentices at Performance Through People have gone onto complete advanced apprenticeships. This further level of qualification is a test for the learner but brings real benefit. Those young people who take the advanced apprenticeship go onto progress into valuable members of the team here.”

Performance Through People are part of the Career Creators Network, a network of 50 training providers in Birmingham and Solihull.